Xinjiang Agricultural University and Siiico Technology Industry-University-Research Base Unveiled



July 24, Xinjiang Agricultural University and  Siiico Technology Mulch Film Co., Ltd. held the school-enterprise cooperation and exchange and the unveiling ceremony of the industry-university-research base. Jiang Ping'an, President of Xinjiang Agricultural University, and Zhang Weiming, Chairman of Siiico Technology Mulch Film Co., Ltd. attended the event and jointly unveiled the "Industry-University-Research Base".



President Jiang Ping'an expressed the arrival of Chairman Zhang Weiming and his party Welcome and express our gratitude to Siiico Technology for its long-term care and support in talent training, scientific research, and project cooperation. The results are presented. President Jiang hopes that the two sides will deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and jointly create a successful example of the production-university-research base of school-enterprise cooperation.



Chairman Zhang Weiming thanked Xinjiang Agricultural University for its contribution to enterprise development Supported and introduced the development history, company profile, industry-university-research cooperation, technological innovation and application of achievements of Siiico Technology Mulch Film Co., Ltd., and hoped that through the construction of the industry-university-research base with Xinjiang Agricultural University, combined with new polymer The implementation of the Xinjiang branch platform of the National Engineering Research Center of Molding Equipment will strengthen the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the joint application technology development of production, education and research, joint training of postgraduates, joint construction of bases, and internships and employment of graduates, and promote the coordinated development between schools and enterprises. , to achieve a win-win model of production, education and research.



Chairman of Northwest A&F University Alumni Entrepreneurs Alliance, Wang Wenbo, Chairman of Shenzhen Qianhai Dayi Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.; Niu Gang, Expert Advisor of Northwest A&F University Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Yangzhou University; Xinjiang Agricultural University Party Office, Development Planning Office, Academic Affairs Office, Science Relevant persons in charge of the Technology Office, Laboratory and Base Management Office, College of Agriculture, and College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering attended the unveiling ceremony.


Source: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xinjiang Agricultural University

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