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Elongational Rheology Extruder for Experimental Series



ERE Experimental Series is a new type of Elongational Rheology Extruder designed for research institutes, universities and enterprises to explore new formulations and processing technology of polymeric materials. 



Weak Shearing Force

Less damage of molecular chain basing on low shearing rate of material by ERE facilitates the extrusion of heat sensitive material with easy decomposition and narrow range of processing temperature.

Strong Elongational Force

High pressure of the material and strong elongational effect in the process of plasticizing is conducive to the blending and extrusion of different material systems with large fluidity difference.

Strong Conveying Capability

Based on the principle of complete pumping transportation with volume change and high extrusion pressure can be established by ERE which is suitable for processing ultra-high or ultra-low viscosity materials.

Homogeneous Compounding and Dispersion

The plasticization of materials dominated by elongation deformation in ERE can effectively break agglomeration of nanoparticles and realize the dispersion of nanoparticles in polymeric matrix.

Narrow Distribution of Residence Time

Linear positive displacement transport process of ERE avoids uncontrollable movement of material disorder and randomness in extrusion, and is suitable for processing of reactive extrusion.

Effective Compulsory Compatibility by PhysicalMeans

The compulsory dispersion and compounding of the elongation flow field makes the incompatible polymer show strong compatibility without adding compatibilizer.


Main Configuration

ERE Experimental Series is a new type of Elongational Rheology Extruder designed for research institutes, universities and enterprises to explore new formulations and processing technology of polymeric materials. 


Extrusion System

●Consist of Rotor and Stator

●Unique Compound Motion Style

●Without Abrupt Change Point and Dead Zone in Chamber

Drive System

●High Torque Output

●Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Used for Gearbox Casing

●Precision Servo Drive System

●Self-research Power Distribution Unit

Control System

●User Friendly Features

●Industrial Module Design

●Import Brand Components

Functional Settings (optional)

●Video Recording

●Data Acquisition and Analysis

●Process Template Storage

● Master Computer Soft Control

● Programmable Automatic Experiment

Technical Specification

Model Dia. (mm) LD Heating Zones Max. TemL (C) Max. TemL (C) Output (kgh-LDPE) Tatal Power (kW)
ERE -16 16 18 3 350 100 4 4
ERE -30 30 18 4 350 100 15 20


Owing superiority of strong dispersion and compounding, less molecular weight degradation and low energy consumption by comparing with screw extrusion, ERE has wide applications in the processing of compatible extrusion with different polar materials, Nano-dispersion, thermal sensitive materials and other materials with extreme rheological properties. Simultaneously combining the functions of compounding performance from traditional "twin-screw" and direct forming from "single-screw, ERE provides a new experimental option for the optimization of polymeric processing technology. 

Rheological Station

Process Optimization and Data Comparison




Modified Plastics

Filling Modification, Fiber Reinforcement, Alloy Blending, Nano-composite, Reactive Grafting, Thermoplastic Elastomer Composite

Molding Processing

Granulation, Film, Sheet, Pipe, Rod, Profile

Extrusion Foaming

Physical Foaming, Chemical Foaming




Reactive Extrusion

Controllable residence time, high grafting rate and less side effects

* Pic. Of PE-MAH Product

Fiber Orientation

High orientation and length retention of fibers along the direction of extrusion

SEM of carbon fberlsilin fubber composite material * perpendicularto the direction of extrusion


Dispersion of Nanomaterial

Clear intercalation, uniform dispersion and free-agglomeration

* TEM of PP/ Nano MMT (1%) Composite

Extrusion Foaming

Uniform and fine cell, high foaming ratio and low porosity

SEM of LDPE Foarming *


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