Good news! Siiico Technology won the "2022 Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Technology Innovation Award"



From December 15 to 16, 2022, the 10th Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference and 2022 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs' Annual Conference were held in Kunshan, Suzhou. Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. made use of the "Polymer Material Plasticizing Transportation Method and Equipment Patent Technology Based on Tensile Rheology" (hereinafter referred to as ERE Technology), which won the gold medal of China's invention patent, to achieve the glittering appearance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products extruded with high efficiency and high performance, and won the "2022 Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Technology Innovation Award" at the 2022 "Ten Year Grinding" intelligent logistics industry award ceremony.



As the country promotes digital transformation, supply chain logistics in various industries accelerates digital and intelligent development, and the scale of intelligent logistics industry continues to expand. At the same time, in the general environment, the domestic and foreign economic growth is declining, which also makes the logistics equipment enterprises in the sunrise industry face challenges. In the overall market environment of fierce competition and declining industry profit margins, it is particularly important for the industry to strengthen upstream and downstream cooperation and help enterprises improve the efficiency of logistics equipment and reduce costs. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products processed by Star Link Technology with ERE stretching rheological extrusion equipment have extremely high comprehensive performance, which can reduce energy consumption and noise, improve the service life and quality of logistics equipment, and attract many professional audiences to stop and watch the negotiations.



Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), known as "magic plastic", has remarkable advantages such as wear resistance, self-lubricating, impact resistance, etc. It is widely used in the logistics transportation equipment industry, especially in the very hot new energy transportation industry in recent years. However, its processing difficulties, low production efficiency and other characteristics have always been the pain points of UHMWPE products industry.

In view of these pain points, our company has developed the ERE stretch rheological extrusion equipment with intellectual property rights by using the ERE technology, which is "the first and leading in the world". With its characteristics of weak shearing, strong stretching and strong conveying capacity, we can realize the efficient and high-performance extrusion of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products. The products processed with this equipment have lower cost and better performance, and can be widely used in food packaging, logistics sorting, lithium battery transportation, tobacco transportation and other fields.


Siico Technology, based on the ERE intelligent manufacturing technology that won the gold medal of China's invention patent, realizes the efficient and high-performance processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, and will certainly help the new development of intelligent logistics industry in the field of material segmentation!


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