Building a Circular Industry to Promote Rural Revitalization | Siiico Technology Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Shancheng District Government



Yesterday (September 6), the People's Government of Shancheng District, Hebi City, Henan Province, and Siiico Technology Agricultural Film Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will join forces to create a circular industrial chain of production, application, recycling and reuse of"high-strength, high-weathering and easy-to-recycle mulching film (gaobao film)" in Shancheng District, and help promote the green, sustainable and high-quality development of agriculture.


▲ Liu Hu, deputy head of Shancheng District, and Cao Xicheng, executive general manager, signed the contract on behalf of both parties


Government leaders including Guan Yue, the head of Shancheng District, Zhiwenfeng and Liu Hu, deputy heads of the district, Hu Zonggang, the head of the Bureau of Commerce, and Lv Ke, the director of the government office, attended the signing ceremony. Zhang Weiming, the chairman of Siiico Technology, Cao Xicheng, the executive general manager, and relevant responsible persons gave a warm reception. After mutual understanding, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on how to build high-standard farmland in the mountain city through"Gaobao film", and successfully completed the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement.


▲The forum


Under the framework of this strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will focus on the development idea of"Three Mountains Co-ordination" in Hebi City, starting from the Shancheng District of Hebi City, to promote the construction of the demonstration base for the application of high-barrier film, providing new solutions for the green development of agriculture, industrialization and modernization of agriculture.



Hebi City

It is located in the northern part of Henan Province, the transitional zone from the eastern foot of Taihang Mountains to the North China Plain. It is an important production base of high-quality wheat and corn in China, and is one of the first batch of circular economy demonstration cities in China. In 2022, the planting area of grain crops in the city was 2. 5614 million mu, and the total grain output was 1. 2621 million tons.


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