Landing in Ganzhou, Gaobao Film Industry Strives New Steps!



After the first Gaobao film recycling industry aimed at solving the white pollution of mulching film was launched in Xinjiang three years ago, Siiico Technology welcomed the second industry cooperation signing in Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province yesterday (July 28).


▲Signing Ceremony for the "Siiico Technology (Zhangye) Plastic Recycling Industrial Park Project"


In order to effectively solve the white pollution of agricultural non-point sources, make every effort to create a low Carbon cycle "Ganzhou Model" for agricultural inputs, protect the local agricultural ecological environment, and help build a provincial demonstration area for rural revitalization and a pioneer in agricultural and rural modernization, Niu Shengbo, deputy head of the People's Government of Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, and Zhang Weiming, chairman of Guangdong Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd. and Siiico Technology Agricultural Film Co., Ltd, The signing ceremony of "Guangdong Xinglian Technology (Zhangye) Plastic Recycling Industrial Park Project" was held in Ganzhou District Government. An Lili, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, Zhang Guobin, vice chairman of the District CPPCC, Cao Xicheng, executive general manager of Guangdong Xinglian Technology Agricultural Film Co., Ltd., and Li Wenying, deputy general manager witnessed the signing ceremony.


▲Niu Shengbo, Deputy District Head of Ganzhou District, signed an agreement with Zhang Weiming, Chairman of Siiico Technology


The total investment of the project is 676.86 million yuan, and the investment in fixed assets investment is nearly 180 million yuan, which will be carried out in five phases. The project takes high strength, high weather resistance, and easy to recycle plastic film - Gaobao Film as its core product, fully utilizing its advantages of easy recycling, promoting production increase, and high value reuse, supporting the production of Gaobao Film recycled materials, seed packaging bags, packaging shrinkage films, agricultural product packaging films, and other supporting agricultural materials and plastic products. At the same time, it provides agricultural technology services and establishes a complete industrial chain of Gaobao Film production, use, and high value recycling and reuse.


▲Core product: high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film - Gaobao film


In the next five years, the project will base itself on Ganzhou District, face Zhangye City, radiate Hexi Corridor and Gansu Province, take corn seed production industry as a breakthrough, extend other crop planting films and other plastic products, and establish the first environmental protection demonstration base in Zhangye City aimed at solving the "white pollution" of farmland, realizing cost saving and efficiency increasing of corn seed production and other crop film covered planting, and green and circular agricultural development, Create a "Ganzhou Mode" of low Carbon cycle of agricultural products. The total output value of the project is expected to exceed 1.6 billion yuan in five years, which can contribute more than 50 million yuan of tax revenue to Ganzhou District.



▲Gaobao Film Recycling Industry Model Project


Yuan Yanlin, Director of the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Yun, Deputy Director of the Ganzhou Branch of the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Hua Mingfeng, Deputy Director of the District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Wang Jianfu, Director of the District Investment Service Center, Chen Bin, Deputy Director of the District Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Center, Yang Tao, General Manager of the District Investment Company, Li Huiwen, Chairman of the District Corn Seed Production Industry Alliance, and other relevant department heads attended the signing ceremony together.


▲Signing ceremony site


It is understood that among the three corn seeds in the country, one comes from Ganzhou. As the largest and most well-known and competitive hybrid corn seed production base in China, the security of arable land in Ganzhou is crucial for the national corn food security. For more than 40 years, plastic film has been used for corn seed production and planting in the local area. Due to the easy fragmentation and difficulty in recycling of conventional plastic film after use, as well as the impact of corn air roots and residual film recycling time, the problem of white pollution of plastic film in the local area has not been well solved. Due to plastic film pollution, the quality of local farmland has shown a certain downward trend in recent years, becoming one of the key factors affecting the production of high-quality agricultural products.


▲One of the three corn seeds in the country comes from Ganzhou


In order to protect the agricultural ecological environment and ensure the sustainable development of the corn seed industry, the government of Ganzhou District, as early as a year and a half ago, has been searching for a solution to the white pollution of mulching film nationwide, and has taken the initiative to find the Gaobao film products developed by Starlink Technology using the ERE technology, which won the gold medal of the List of Chinese inventions Patent, and combined with the material formula technology. At the same time, a series of tests have been carried out in the early stage. This year, the four most representative seed production enterprises in the local area and the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of the local Agricultural Bureau have achieved large-scale, multi location, and multi variety planting experiments, all of which have received good feedback.


▲Ganzhou District Gaobao Plastic Film Maize Experimental Field


After the signing of this project, Siiico Technology will use the high strength, high weather resistance, and easy recycling advantages of its core product, Gaobao Film, to solve the problem of white pollution of plastic films for local governments, save costs and increase efficiency for farmers and seed production enterprises, attach new environmental labels to the corn seed gold paint signboard, and supplement the local industrial chain. In the future, Starlink Technology and the Ganzhou District Government will work together to become the practitioners of "Clear waters and green mountains"!


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