Guangdong Economic Channel visited Zhang Weiming, Chairman of Siiico Technology Co., Ltd., and listened to his entrepreneurial story



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He is one of the founders of the largest mold company in China, and the preform molds produced by his company account for more than half of the domestic market share.

With a long-term vision, he led the company to achieve diversified development for the first time, from the mold industry leader to the field of polymer material processing, introduced the world's first extensional rheology technology by academician Qu Jinping of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and joined hands with academicians to start a second business, founded Starlink Technology and is committed to In order to industrialize this "international first, international leading" technology, we hope to lead the company to develop into a leader in polymer material processing technology.

So, what key moments did he experience in his entrepreneurial journey? What prompted him to re-dabble in a whole new field? What's the story behind it? Guangdong Economic Channel (TVS1) "Wind and Cloud Guangdong Business" column visited Zhang Weiming, chairman of Guangdong Starlink Technology Co., Ltd., to decipher the success of the entrepreneurial process.


Video source: TVS1 Guangdong Economic Science and Education Channel

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