Gaobao Film makes its debut at the Harbin International Fair, promoting innovative agricultural development through new quality productivity



The 8th China Russia Expo
The 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair

The 8th China Russia Expo will be held from May 16th to 21st, 2024 at the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center, along with the 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair. It will enter a public open day on May 18th. Guangdong Xinglian Technology Agricultural Film Co., Ltd.'s "High strength, high weather resistance, and easy to recycle plastic film (Gaobao film)", as a collaborative project product between Foshan City and Shuangyashan City, made a brilliant debut at the Shuangyashan booth, bringing you a complete solution for white pollution control of plastic film.


Booth number: Shuangyashan booth in Hall B
Exhibition time: May 16th to 21st
Public Open Day: May 18-21
Exhibition location: Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center


Exhibition background


China Russia Expo 

The China Russia Expo is a national and international large-scale exhibition approved by the governments of China and Russia. Co hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China, the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, it is a platform for implementing the important consensus of the heads of state of China and Russia, and also one of the most participated economic and trade activities by government departments and local enterprises of China and Russia. It is also a certified exhibition by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI).




Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair 

The Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair was founded in 1990 and is one of the earlier, higher level, and larger scale key foreign trade exhibitions held in China. In the past 34 years, we have formed unique advantages in all-round open cooperation, accumulated rich resources in investment attraction, industrial docking, and technological cooperation, and achieved a series of practical results in economic and trade exchanges, opening up to the outside world, and brand consumption. We have become an international brand platform with a focus on economic and trade cooperation with Northeast Asian countries and all-round foreign cooperation and exchange.


Exhibition site

The theme of this expo is "Opportunities for Cooperation and Mutual Trust", and more than 1400 enterprises from 44 countries and regions, as well as 21 provinces and cities in China, will make a brilliant debut. Gaobao Film will be exhibited together with Shuangyashan City, like an environmentally friendly new garment protecting the black soil sand table. The unique advantage of Gaobao film is that it can be easily recycled and reused with high value without the need for thickening, attracting numerous professional audiences from both domestic and foreign countries to stop and watch.

Exhibition site

During this period, Shao Guoqiang, Vice Chairman of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Shuangyashan Municipal Party Committee, as well as leaders such as the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Gong Zhenjiang, visited and exchanged ideas in the exhibition area.

Leaders such as Shao Guoqiang, Vice Chairman of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Shuangyashan Municipal Party Committee, came to the booth to learn about Gaobao membrane products and their promotion and application situation


Deputy Secretary of the Shuangyashan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Gong Zhenjiang and other leaders came to the booth to understand the promotion and application of Gaobao film products


Exhibition Introduction

"Gaobao Film" is a new generation of high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film developed by the "Polymer Material Plasticization and Transportation Method and Equipment Based on Tensile Rheology" (referred to as ERE technology), combined with material formulation technology. Its mechanical properties are far higher than the standard for a type of aging resistant film with a thickness of 10 microns and 15 microns in GB13735-2017, and it has the advantages of high strength and good weather resistance without the need for thickening.

High strength, high weather resistance, and easy to recycle plastic film - Gaobao film

After 8 consecutive years of field mulching experiments, the easy recovery and high-value utilization of plastic film have been achieved, and it has a significant yield increase effect compared to conventional plastic film. The characteristics of "extremely easy to recycle" and "high-value reuse" effectively solve the problem of "white pollution" caused by the "difficult to recycle and useless" of ordinary plastic films. Gaobao membrane manufacturing technology and high-value recycling technology won the first prize of Guangdong Province Technology Invention Award in 2020 and the first prize of China Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Invention Award in 2022.
Under the same planting conditions, Gaobao film has three major advantages compared to ordinary plastic film:


Promoting production increase

Under the same planting conditions, the yield of crops covered with ordinary plastic film increased by more than 5%, and the comprehensive economic benefits increased by more than 13%.


Easy to recycle

The one-time mechanical recovery rate reaches over 90%; The manual recycling rate reaches over 98%, and the efficiency of manual recycling increases by over 25%.


Can be reused for high value

The residual film has high mechanical properties, and after cleaning and granulation, it can be used for high-value recycling such as packaging shrinkage film production.

According to the decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on deepening the implementation of the new round of Northeast revitalization strategy and supporting the revitalization and development of revolutionary old areas, Foshan has been cooperating with Shuangyashan since 2017. Last year, under the witness of the leaders of the two cities, the Management Committee of Shuangyashan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement on the "Siiico Technology (Shuangyashan) Plastic Recycling Industry Park Project" on site, jointly agreeing to build a plastic recycling industry demonstration base in Shuangyashan City for the production, application, recycling, cleaning, granulation, and high-value reuse of "high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film (high barrier film)".

On site signing of framework agreement

The introduction of easily recyclable and high-value reusable Gaobao film in Shuangyashan not only has a positive impact on local field agriculture and economic crop cultivation in terms of yield, but also has profound significance for national food security and black soil protection. With further in-depth communication and cooperation in the future, Gaobao Film will solve the problem of white pollution in plastic films from a technical perspective, providing strong guarantees for the protection of black soil, powerful means for increasing production and income of black soil, and a replicable model for realizing agricultural circular economy in black soil.

Black soil known as the land of giant pandas

Heilongjiang is a major black land province, and it is crucial to protect the "giant pandas in arable land". We look forward to the early start of the construction of the Gaobao membrane project in Shuangyashan, creating a circular industrial chain of production, use, recycling, and reuse. With the help of new productive forces from Foshan, Guangdong, we aim to promote agricultural innovation and development, improve the economic benefits of farmers, and assist in the protection of black land.


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