Go straight to ChinaPlas 2024 | Siiico Technology's new product of stretching and rheological extrusion equipment is unveiled!




Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao)

On April 23rd, The ChinaPlas 2024 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition opened grandly at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao). Siiico Technology, together with UHMW-PE co extruded sheet stretching and rheological extrusion unit and TY30 micro stretching and rheological extrusion experimental instrument, made a significant debut at booth 6.1A30, attracting numerous domestic and foreign customers to visit.

▲Siiico Technology Booth (6.1A30)


The UHMW-PE co extruded sheet stretching rheological extrusion unit and TY30 micro stretching rheological extrusion experimental instrument have made their debut, winning high recognition and praise from on-site customers for their efficient and high-performance new processing methods. This has given them a new understanding of the processing and molding technology of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, an extreme rheological material, and has also made the industry more deeply aware of the unique advantages of stretching rheological extrusion technology.


▲Introduce the characteristics, advantages, and application areas of the new product to customers

The atmosphere at the exhibition was lively, with guests gathered. With full enthusiasm, we introduced the characteristics, advantages, and application areas of the new product to our customers, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with them.


▲Deeply communicate and discuss with customers


This exhibition is not only a platform for showcasing products and exchanging technology, but also a feast for gathering wisdom and colliding ideas. The bustling scene of the booth is a vivid portrayal of the prosperity of the industry and the active market. Let's look forward to a more exciting and diverse industry event in the future, injecting more vitality and momentum into the development of the industry!


▲Exhibition site


The exhibition is in full swing and will continue until April 26th. Siiico Technology will continue to be present at booth 6.1A30 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao). Welcome everyone. We will continue to adhere to the core values of "professional focus, co creation and sharing", with the mission of "promoting and popularizing stretching and rheological technology, and continuously opening up new fields of polymer material applications", striving to become a leader in polymer material processing technology.




Exhibition Introduction

UHMW-PE co extruded sheet stretching rheological extrusion unit

The UHMW-PE co extruded sheet stretching rheological extrusion unit is based on two key technologies: stretching rheological extrusion technology and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet forming technology, achieving efficient extrusion processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The thickness range is 0.05mm~3mm, and the speed can reach 10m/min.


Equipment characteristics

● Based on stretch rheological melt extrusion technology, the product has excellent performance, simple process, and low production energy consumption;
● It can be multi-layer composite according to product performance requirements and functional characteristics;
● The roller and base have high rigidity and are suitable for rolling high melt strength sheets;
● UI design based on ergonomics optimization, process parameter graphic display, one click customization of formulas, efficient and convenient human-computer interaction;
● Smart HMI control, production data stored in a database for easy traceability, retrieval, and statistics;
● Based on the Windows system, it provides rich physical interfaces, open databases, and seamless integration with production management systems.


TY30 miniature tensile rheological extrusion experimental instrument

The TY30 micro stretching rheological extrusion experimental instrument is designed based on the principle of stretching rheological extrusion and is suitable for application scenarios such as synthetic resins, modified materials, formula adjustment, etc. It can achieve rapid experiments with only a small amount of material. The experimental equipment and spinning auxiliary machines form a melt spinning experimental platform, which realizes multiple process experiments such as material extrusion testing, online spinning, and offline spinning.


Equipment characteristics

● The extrusion experimental instrument provides two working modes, in the same direction and opposite direction, for different material systems, making switching convenient;
● Fast switching between continuous/cyclic extrusion working modes, requiring only a few tens of grams of material to complete one experiment;
● Implement online and offline stretching process experiments on the same platform, with unlimited stretching times;
● Provide two process modes: fixed ratio drawing and fixed tension drawing, which can achieve processes such as super ratio drawing, negative ratio drawing, spinning annealing, etc;
● Adopting a high-speed bus motion control scheme, precise control, efficient collection and recording of multiple process parameters;
Multiple forming auxiliary machines can be used to form an experimental platform.

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