Ganzhou: Farmland Wears "Environmental Protection New Clothes"



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Ganzhou Rong Media News (Reporter Guo Peiliang, Zhang Xiaofei, Wang Zihao, Zhang Xin) Spring plowing preparation, agricultural inputs first. At present, it is a critical period for spring plowing. Ganzhou District actively introduces and promotes green and environmentally friendly plastic film categories that are in line with the actual situation of the entire region, ensuring the recyclability of plastic films from the source, improving the agricultural ecological environment, ensuring the safety of arable land and food security, and supporting the green and sustainable development of agriculture in the entire region.


Recently, Gaomiao Village, Longqu Township, Ganzhou District, has started a comparative experiment on the application of newly introduced Gaobao film in seed production fields. The machine roared, and the laminating machine shuttled back and forth, with Gaobao film lying horizontally in the field, shining silver under the sunlight.




Zhang Jinjun, Deputy Director of the Village Committee of Gaomiao Village, Longqu Township, Ganzhou District, said, "We conducted an experiment on Gaobao membrane in 2023. The experiment showed good flexibility, minimal damage, and the soil did not break when laid. The effect of covering with grass was stronger than that of ordinary membranes because the grass did not break when it came out. In the end, there was less residue when removing the film because it was large and fragmented, and the effect was quite good."

At present, a comparative experiment between high proof film and ordinary film has been carried out on more than 2000 acres of corn fields for seed production in the entire region. Due to the superior functions of insulation, moisture retention, and grass pressure compared to ordinary film, under the same planting conditions, the yield has increased by more than 5% compared to using ordinary film, and the income per acre can increase by more than 200 yuan. In addition, as users of plastic film, seed production enterprises are required to fulfill their recycling obligations in accordance with the "Management Measures for Agricultural Film". The easy recycling of Gaobao film allows seed companies to achieve social responsibility while increasing significant economic benefits.




Cai Xinyuan, a field technician at Hengkili Mageland Seed Industry, said, "What we are seeing now is the Gaobao film being laid. This film is being tracked and monitored throughout the entire process, from laying to taking, guiding farmers to carry out their operations. We are divided into regions, and each person has a certain area."
As a 2023 investment attraction enterprise in Ganzhou District, Gansu Xinglian Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on producing high-strength plastic films that can achieve full recycling. It is a technology enterprise that creates a high-strength plastic film production, recycling, cleaning, granulation, and high-value recycling industrial chain.

The company takes high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film "Gaobao Film" as its core product, supporting the production of Gaobao Film recycled materials, seed packaging bags, packaging shrink films, agricultural product packaging films, other supporting agricultural inputs and plastic products. At the same time, it provides agricultural technology services and residual film recycling machinery operation services.




Zhang Zhenxing, the person in charge of Gansu Xinglian Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. in Zhangye, said, "Gaobao film is high-strength, weather resistant, and has obvious effects on temperature improvement, moisture retention, and weed control. Compared with other plastic film products, it has also greatly improved in reducing labor costs and increasing yield."

The integrated industry of Gaobao membrane circulation is a project that meets the three benefits of ecological, social, and economic benefits, benefiting the country and the people. The experimental promotion of this project will be based in Ganzhou, facing Zhangye City, radiating the Hexi Corridor and Gansu Province. With the corn seed industry as a breakthrough point, it will extend the use of plastic films and other plastic products for other crop cultivation, establish the first environmental protection demonstration base in Zhangye City aimed at solving "white pollution" in farmland, achieving cost saving and efficiency improvement in corn seed production and other crop mulching planting, and promoting green and circular development in agriculture, and create the "Zhangye Model" of low-carbon and circular agricultural inputs.

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