Direct attack on site! The "Gaobao Film" made its debut at the Agricultural High School Fair




The 30th China Yangling Agricultural High Association


Yesterday (September 19th), the long-awaited 30th China Yangling Agricultural High tech Achievement Expo (referred to as the "Agricultural High tech Fair") finally kicked off in the Yangling Agricultural High tech Industry Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi. Siiico Technology Agricultural Film Co., Ltd. made its debut at this "Agricultural Olympics" with the "High Strength, High Weather Resistance, and Easy Recycling Plastic Film (Gaobao Film)" in Zhonghua. Relying on its advantages of "extremely easy recycling", "high value reuse", and "promoting production increase", it attracted widespread attention and received unanimous praise for its debut!


Booth numbers: AC09-11, AB10-12

Exhibition time: September 19-23, 2023 (5 days)

Exhibition location: Yangling Agricultural High tech Industry Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi


The "Gaobao Film" debuted for the first time, attracting onlookers with its excellent performance

The "Gaobao Film" is an innovative achievement formed by the "polymer material plasticization and transportation method and equipment based on tensile rheology" (referred to as ERE technology), combined with material formula technology. It is a film that can achieve high strength without thickening.

▲ High strength, high weather resistance, and easy to recycle plastic film - Gaobao film

After 7 consecutive years of field plastic film covering scientific experiments, its mechanical properties are far higher than the GB13735-2017 plastic film and a class of anti-aging plastic film standards. Compared with conventional plastic film under the same planting conditions, it also has advantages such as easy recycling, promoting yield increase, and being able to be reused with high value. It can effectively solve the harm that agricultural plastic film residues bring to agricultural production, food security, and the ecological environment, attracting many viewers to stop and watch.

▲ On site of the Agricultural High School Fair

The atmosphere on site was warm, and there was a steady stream of people in front of the booth. In order to allow the audience to more intuitively experience the high strength of the Gaobao membrane, small samples of Gaobao membrane were also prepared on site for everyone to pull and inspect.

▲ Audiences can intuitively experience the strength of the high barrier film

7-year trial promotion, 4-year third-party monitoringProvide a complete solution for white pollution control of plastic film

Since 2016, "Gaobao Film" has been widely demonstrated and applied in provinces and regions such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, and Heilongjiang. The experimental crops include cotton, corn, chili peppers, watermelon, sorghum, peanuts, potatoes, etc. The experimental demonstration and promotion area exceeds 700000 acres.

▲ Application of Gaobao Film in Cotton Planting in Xinjiang

Third-party monitoring data provided by the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Reclamation Sciences, Xinjiang Agricultural University, the Key Laboratory for Film Pollution Prevention and Control of the National Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Kashgar Agricultural Technology Promotion Center for four consecutive years shows that under the same planting conditions, "Gaobao Film" has three core performance advantages compared to ordinary plastic film.

01 Easy to recycle

The one-time recovery rate of machinery reaches over 90%; The manual recycling rate reaches over 98%, and the efficiency of manual recycling increases by over 25%.

02 High value recyclable

The residual film has high mechanical properties, and after cleaning and granulation, it can be used for high-value recycling such as packaging shrinkage film production.

03 Promoting Production Increase

Under the same planting conditions, the yield of crops covered with ordinary plastic film increased by more than 5%, and the comprehensive economic benefits increased by more than 13%.

At present, the company has established production factories and technology application research and development centers in Maigaiti County, Xinjiang and Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi, respectively. It has created a circular industrial chain for the production, use, recycling, and reuse of "Gaobao Film" in Xinjiang Autonomous Region and other provinces in the arid and semi-arid region of northwest China. Ultimately, it has turned "white plastic pollution" into "green and renewable resources", solving the problem of continuous increment and inefficiency in the use of agricultural plastic films, The problem of increasing pollution. The "Gaobao Film" full industry chain model provides a national sustainable development solution to the problem of "white pollution" of agricultural film.

▲ Gaobao Membrane Integrated Recycling Industry Chain

The exhibition is in full swing and will continue until September 23rd. Xinglian Technology will continue to be present at booths AC09-11 and AB10-12 of the Yangling Agricultural High tech Industry Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi. Welcome everyone. We will continue to uphold the core values of "professional focus, co creation and sharing", with the mission of promoting rural revitalization and ensuring food security. We will keep in mind that "green waters and mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and continue to make due contributions to China's agricultural modernization.


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