At the 30th Yangling Agricultural High tech Fair, Siiico Technology invites you to join us at the Agricultural Technology "Feast"



The 30th China Yangling Agricultural High tech Achievement Expo (referred to as the "Agricultural High tech Expo"), known as the "Agricultural Olympics," will be grandly held from September 19 to 23, 2023 in the Yangling Agricultural High tech Industry Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi. The high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film produced by Guangdong Xinglian Technology Agricultural Film Co., Ltd. - Gaobao Film will make its debut at booth AC09, AB10, AC11, and AB12, bringing you a complete solution for white pollution control of plastic film!


Exhibition Introduction

Gaobao Film "is a new generation of high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film developed by utilizing our company's" Polymer Material Plasticization and Transportation Method and Equipment Based on Tensile Rheology ", also known as" ERE "patent technology, which has won the Chinese Invention Patent Gold Award. Its mechanical properties are far higher than the national standard GB13735-2017 Class I aging resistant plastic film standard, and it has advantages such as high strength and good weather resistance. After 7 consecutive years of field plastic film covering experiments, it has achieved easy recycling and high-value utilization of plastic film, and has shown significant yield increase effects.

The characteristics of "extremely easy to recycle" and "high value reuse" effectively solve the problem of white pollution caused by ordinary plastic films that are "difficult to recycle, useless to recycle".

▲ High strength, high weather resistance, and easy to recycle plastic film - Gaobao film


Easy to recycle

Due to its high strength after service, it is possible to achieve a manual recovery rate of over 98%, an increase in manual recovery efficiency of over 25%, and a one-time mechanical recovery rate of over 90%; To achieve the 80% recovery rate required by the country, ordinary plastic film must be manually picked up after mechanical recycling in order to barely meet the standard.

High value recyclable

The mechanical properties of the residual film of Gaobao film are higher than the national standard of ordinary plastic film new films. Therefore, after washing and granulation, it can be used for high-value recycling such as packaging shrinkage film production. At present, Coca Cola Company has passed technical approval, and the bundled packaging film produced by Gaobao film regeneration material will be used in beverage packaging.


Promoting production increase

Under the same planting conditions, the temperature and humidity of Gaobao film increased by 0.9 ℃, 7% and 85% respectively compared to ordinary film. Therefore, the yield increased by more than 5% and the comprehensive economic benefits increased by more than 13% compared to ordinary film.


Exhibition Information

Booth number


Exhibition time

September 19-23, 2023

Exhibition location

Shaanxi Yangling Agricultural High tech Industry Demonstration Zone



About us

Siiico Technology Agricultural Film Co., Ltd. is located in the ERE Industrial Park in Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong. In order to comprehensively prevent and control the "white pollution" of agricultural plastic films in agricultural non-point source pollution, a technical team led by Academician Qu Jinping of the Chinese Academy of Engineering has successfully developed the "high-strength, weather resistant, and recyclable plastic film" (trademark "Gaobao Film") using the world's leading water level ERE patent technology with independent intellectual property rights.

▲Gaobao Membrane Integrated Recycling Industry Chain


At present, the company has established production factories and technology application research and development centers in Maigaiti County, Xinjiang and Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi, respectively. It has created a circular industrial chain for the production, use, recycling, and reuse of "Gaobao Film" in Xinjiang Autonomous Region and other provinces in the arid and semi-arid region of northwest China. Ultimately, it has turned "white plastic pollution" into "green and renewable resources", solving the problem of continuous increment and inefficiency in the use of agricultural plastic films, The problem of increasing pollution. The Gaobao film full industry chain model provides a national sustainable development solution to the problem of "white pollution" of agricultural film.


Looking forward to meeting everyone at the Agricultural Science and Technology "Feast" at the Agricultural High School Fair. We sincerely welcome everyone to the Xinglian Technology Agricultural Film Exhibition Stand: Hall A, Shaanxi Yangling Agricultural High tech Industry Demonstration Zone, AC09, AB10, AC11, AB12.


September 19-23, 2023

We look forward to your arrival in Yangling!



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