Siiico Technology and Shuangyashan City Join Hands to Write a New Chapter in the Plastic Recycling Industry



▲ On site of the "Double Buddha Cooperation" Shuangyashan Investment Promotion Conference


On April 24th, the "Double Buddha Cooperation" Shuangyashan Investment Promotion Conference was held in Foshan. With the witness of the leaders of the two cities, the Management Committee of Shuangyashan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement for the "Siiico Technology (Shuangyashan) Plastic Recycling Industrial Park Project", jointly agreeing to create a "high-strength, weather resistant, and recyclable plastic film (Gaobao film)" production, application, recycling, cleaning and granulation in Shuangyashan City A demonstration base for high-value reuse of plastic recycling industry, restart project cooperation, and use "technology to promote agriculture" to support black land protection, green agriculture, and sustainable high-quality development.


▲Under the witness of leaders from both cities, Liu Jianfa, Director of the Economic Development Zone of Shuangyashan City, and Zhang Weiming, Chairman of Xinglian Technology, completed the signing of the "Siiico Technology (Shuangyashan) Plastic Recycling Industrial Park Project"


According to the decision and deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on deepening the implementation of the new round of Northeast revitalization strategy and supporting the revitalization and development of revolutionary old areas, Foshan has been cooperating with Shuangyashan since 2017. Qian Zhong, Deputy Secretary General of the Foshan Municipal Government, stated that Foshan has always placed counterpart cooperation in an important position, closely focusing on the requirements and goals of making the two cities a model and benchmark for counterpart cooperation between the Northeast and East regions. We will work together with Shuangyashan to deepen cooperation in areas such as the co construction of advantageous industries, economic and trade cooperation and exchange, integrated development of culture and tourism, comprehensive rural revitalization, and development of people's livelihood.


▲Address by Qian Zhong, Deputy Secretary General of Foshan Municipal Government


On site, Shao Guoqiang, Secretary of the Shuangyashan Municipal Party Committee, stated that with the new round of counterpart cooperation, Shuangyashan will take the beautiful and colorful resource endowment as the beautiful background for deepening counterpart cooperation, and Shuangyashan is willing to become a "supply place" of Foshan's advantageous resources. At the same time, Shuangyashan has unique geographical advantages, which is a strong foundation for Shuangyashan to deepen its counterpart cooperation. Shuangyashan is willing to become the "bridgehead" of Foshan's opening up.


▲Speech by Shao Guoqiang, Secretary of the Shuangyashan Municipal Party Committee


Shuangyashan City is located in the hinterland of the Sanjiang Plain and the core area of the Beidahuang, with a total cultivated area of 51.75 million mu, of which 16.06 million mu is planted with corn in the field. Cash crop such as fresh corn and watermelon are planted locally with plastic film. In the future, Shuangyashan will introduce fully recyclable and high-value recyclable high barrier film, which will not only bring positive impact on local field agriculture and cash crop planting, but also have far-reaching significance on national food security and black land protection. Therefore, leaders in Foshan and Shuangyashan place high hopes on the future landing and development of the Star Link Science and Technology Project in Shuangyashan City.


▲Zhang Weiming, Chairman of Siiico Technology, Cao Xicheng, Executive General Manager of Siiico Agricultural Film, and Li Wenying, Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director, attended the Shuangyashan Investment Promotion Conference


The next day, under the leadership of Guo Wei, Secretary General of Shuangyashan City Government in Heilongjiang Province, leaders including Sun Xiaohui, Director of Economic Cooperation and Development Zone, Liu Jianfa, Director of Economic Development Zone, Jing Guodong, Director of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Sheng Ruoxin, Deputy County Mayor of Raohe Standing Committee, visited Siiico Technology to follow up on the implementation of the "Siiico Technology (Shuangyashan) Plastic Recycling Industrial Park Project" after the signing of the contract. The company's chairman Zhang Weiming and Li Wenying, the deputy general manager and marketing director of Xinglian Technology's agricultural film, received the reception. Both parties have had a thorough discussion on the specific implementation details of the project, hoping to leverage the advantages of all parties in the future and promote the project implementation as soon as possible.


▲Guo Wei, Secretary General of Shuangyashan Municipal Government, and a delegation visited the landing of the Siiico Technology Promotion Project

▲ Leaders from Shuangyashan City Visited Xinglian Technology ERE Industrial Park


The black land is not only the "granary" of Northeast China, but also the "granary" of the country. Protecting the black land is a great cause that has contributed to contemporary times and benefits the future. How to protect the black land? How to make good use of black soil? This is a long-term proposition that the Party and the state are constantly exploring, involving multiple dimensions such as system, technology, and management.


▲White pollution of plastic film on black soil


As one of the three major agricultural products, plastic film has been introduced into the Gaobao film recycling industry in Shuangyashan City, which has solved the problem of white pollution of plastic film at the technical level, provided a strong guarantee for the protection of black land, provided a powerful means for increasing production and income of black land, and provided a replicable model for realizing agricultural circular economy in black land. In the future, let's jointly look forward to the technological power of the South China Sea escorting us on the black soil!


▲ Shuangyashan is known as the black land of the giant panda

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