Leaders from the Party Committee Office of Xinjiang Construction Corps Visited Siiico Technology for Research



On March 30th, officers and soldiers from the Comprehensive Department of the Party Committee Office of Xinjiang Construction Corps visited Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. for research. Cao Xicheng, Executive General Manager of Siiico Technology's Agricultural Film, and Li Wenying, Deputy General Manager and Director of Rural Revitalization Business Unit, warmly received them.



After a detailed understanding of the advantages and application effects of the manufacturing and recycling high-value utilization technology of "high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film (Gaobao film)", the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges based on the development of agriculture in Xinjiang and the local use of high barrier film. The Chief of Staff and Soldiers stated that he is very interested in the manufacturing and recycling of high-value utilization technology for Gaobao film. He hopes to combine the advantages of both parties in the future, and through the implementation of technological products and industries, help farmers increase production and income, protect the agricultural ecological environment, and jointly use "technology to promote agriculture" to promote green, sustainable, and high-quality development of agriculture.



Data shows that in 2021, the cotton planting area of Xinjiang Construction Corps reached 13.05 million mu, and the machine mining area was 12.3 million mu. With a quarter of the planting area in the country, more than one-third of the cotton was produced, thanks to the strong support of technology.

All along, the Xinjiang Construction Corps has actively improved the agricultural machinery industry, academia, research and application system, promoted the application of agricultural technology, promoted the integration of agricultural mechanization and information technology, continuously improved the level of agricultural intelligence and information technology, and provided full mechanized services for land preparation, sowing, plant protection, and harvesting. At present, the cotton harvesting rate of the Corps has reached 94.2%, maintaining a high level in agricultural mechanization, scale, water-saving irrigation, and other aspects.


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