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Plastics, rubber, fibers, coatings, adhesives... Polymer materials have been widely used in agriculture, industry, construction, packaging, advanced defense industries, and people's daily life. The traditional screw extruder used for processing polymer materials has always adopted the technical principle of shear rheology. It has been in use for more than a hundred years. The theoretical innovations represented by Europe, the United States and Japan are based on this. The technology has been continuously improved, but there is still a lack of fundamental breakthroughs. The processing method is the main factor restricting the development of new materials.


Insurmountable shortcomings:


High energy consumption
Mass transfer heat transfer efficiency is low
long thermomechanical history

high cost
Difficult to classify
Poor compatibility of different components

Difficult to process
Difficult to flow and disperse
The shear force field breaks down the molecules


Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. owns the patented technology (referred to as ERE technology) invented by Academician Qu Jinping of South China University of Technology, "plasticizing and transporting polymer materials based on extensional rheology", which turns the traditional shear flow into the dominant The plasticizing transport mode is transformed into a plasticizing transport mode dominated by tensile deformation and alternately creeping in the melt volume.


Shear Rheology > Extensional Rheology
This is an invention that subverts a century-old traditional technology
A landmark in the history of extrusion technology


Technology Inventor
Qu Jinping
Academician of Chinese Engineering Academy

South China University of Technology professor and doctoral supervisor
He has been engaged in polymer material molding processing technology and equipment and its theoretical research for many years.


Technical principle

The technology of ERE takes advantage of geometric topology eccentric rotor structure with combination of revolution and rotation to make the continual volume change of the chamber which carry out periodic extrusion and elongation of materials, and finally to realize the plasticization and transportation process of polymeric materials dominated by elongational deformation. This revolutionary invention breaks through the development mode marked by "screw" in the polymer material industry for over one hundred years.


Comparison of traditional shear rheology technology and extensional rheology technology


Technical Features

Weak shear: the tensile deformation is dominant, and the molecular weight of the polymer material can be well maintained to give full play to the properties of the material itself
Strong transport plasticizing ability: can process extreme rheological materials that were previously difficult or even impossible to process
Strong mixing and dispersing ability: special mixing structure can be obtained to improve the performance of composite materials


Core Advantages

Strong conveying capability, Weak shearing force, Homogeneous compounding and dispersion, Narrow distribution of residence time with precise control, Effective compulsory compatibility by physical means.



ERE technology greatly broadens the process window of polymer material processing, and solves the processing problems of ultra-rheological polymer materials such as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that cannot be processed well by traditional technologies and cannot be processed. Its outstanding advantages will be used in polymer processing. The field has broken through a large number of technical bottlenecks.



The core technology of ERE was awarded with “Gold Award of Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention”in 2014 , “the Second Prize of National Award for Technological Invention” in 2015 and “CIIF Award by the 22th Session China International Industry Fair” in 2020, which has been identified as “ International Initiative and Leading Level ”by Departments of National Ministries and granted patents in more than 13 countries and regions including China, U.S.A, Japan and Europe etc.


Innovation, breakthrough, integration! Our positioning is that what traditional technology can't do well, we will do it! ERE is a world-first technology and a platform technology that is closely related to upstream and downstream industries related to polymer materials. With the continuous development of the new ERE plasticization and transportation technology, a new era of polymer material processing and application will be created!

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