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"Method and a Device for Plasticizing and Transporting Polymer Material based on Elongation Rheology"

Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. owns the patented technology of "Method and a Device for Plasticizing and Transporting Polymer Material based on Elongation Rheology" (referred to as ERE technology) invented by Academician Qu Jinping of South China University of Technology, which has realized technological revolution from the processing principle based on the shearing rheology to elongational rheology. This revolutionary invention breaks through traditional technology over one hundred years and will be a milestone for polymer processing.


The core technology of ERE was awarded with “Gold Award of Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention”in 2014 , “the Second Prize of National Award for Technological Invention” in 2015 and “CIIF Award by the 22th Session China International Industry Fair” in 2020, which has been identified as “ International Initiative and Leading Level ”by Departments of National Ministries and granted patents in more than 13 countries and regions including China, U.S.A, Japan and Europe etc.


"Elongational Rheology Extruder (referred to as ERE)"

Siiico have successfully developed "Elongational Rheology Extruder (referred to as ERE)" with independent intellectual property rights. 


Technical Team

As a member of the shareholder unit of Siiico Technology, the team of Academician Qu Jinping is the core technology support of Starlink Technology; the institution where the academician team is located also provides all-round support for Starlink Technology's production and research and development.

Prof. Qu Jingping

Technology Inventor

Prof. Qu Jingping

Academician of Chinese Engineering Academy

South China University of Technology professor and doctoral supervisor

A leading scholar in polymer material molding processing technology and equipment and its theoretical research


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