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Elongational Rheology Extruder


Elongational Rheology Extruder Series is developed and manufactured on the basis of patent technology "Method and a Device for Plasticizing and Transporting Polymer Material based on Elongation Rheology" (referred to as ERE technology) owned by Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. The core extrusion system of this series is especially designed structure for UHMW-PE extrusion, which succeeded in high efficiency processing of UHMW-PE with superior performance. The machine works stably and the product extruded has the characteristics of good wear resistance and strong mechanical properties with smooth surface, little deviation of shape and size.

Advantages of Equipment

Dominated by Elongational Deformation

Dominated by Elongational Deformation

The molecular weight of the polymer material can be well maintained to give full play to the properties of the material itself.

Strong Plasticizing Capability

Strong Plasticizing Capability

High extrusion pressure can be established and kept stable extrusion with high-speed.

Strong Compounding and Dispersing Capability

Strong Compounding and Dispersing Capability

Composite performance can be improved through special hybrid structures.

Technical Specification


Dia(mm) L/D Motor Power(kW)


Machine Size mm

ERE-30 30 24 5.5 20 2000×600×2500
ERE-40 40 22 18.5 50 3000×800×3000

Remarks: The output is subject to material itself and the specific configuration should take for contract for final criterion. Special specifications can be customized.

Main Configuration

1. Control System

  • ● User friendly features for convenient operation

● Import brand components

2. Main drive Mmtor

● Equipped with servo motor + planetary reducer

●  Accurate speed regulation

3. Independently-developed drive distribution unit

● High load-carrying capacity

● Grade 5 high precision, accurate motion output

4. The extrusion system with independent intellectual property rights

● Consist of rotor and stator

● Unique compound motion style

● The stator and rotor are engaged with each other and functional modules such         

    compounding & dispersing can be added depending on requirements.

Functional Settings

● Remote control , remote modules can be configured for remote monitoring and


● Gravimetric system, provide with precise quality control and easy switching between

   “ weight” &“ output” control models


UHMW-PE Production Line

Film Production Line

Film Production Line

Extruder type:ERE-40

Max. width:1600 mm

Thickness range:0.3-2 mm 

Auxiliary machines: Multi-roller Haul-off Unit, Cooling Bracket , Cutting Unit, Winder

Sheet Production Line

Sheet Production Line

Extruder type:ERE-30 / ERE-40

Width range:60-1200 mm

Thickness range:2-30 mm 

Auxiliary machines: Calibrator, Cooling Tank , Haul-off Unit, Cutting Unit, Sheet Stacker

Profile Production Line

Profile Production Line

Extruder type:ERE-30 / ERE-40

Mold specifications:Can be customized according to customer requirements

Auxiliary machines: Calibrator, Cooling Tank , Haul-off Unit, Cutting Unit, Profile Stacker(Winder)

Pipe/Rod Production Line

Pipe/Rod Production Line

Extruder type:ERE-30 / ERE-40

Diameter range:Φ20—Φ280 mm

Auxiliary machines: Calibrator, Cooling Tank (Bellow), Haul-off Unit, Cutting Unit, Pipe/Rod Stacker

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