Focus on R&D, production, sales and service of intelligent manufacturing equipment for poiymeric materials and new high performance matrial.

Elongational Rheology Extruder

  • Dominated by elongational deformation
  • Strong plasticizing capability
  • Strong compounding and dispersing capability


Succeeded in High Efficiency Processing of UHMW-PE with Superior Performance
  • Extreme wear resistance/long service life
  • Good low temperature resistance
  • Outstanding slide characteristics
  • Very high resistance to chemicals
  • Sound absorption and noise reduction
  • Waterproof and insulating properties
  • Extreme impact resistant
  • Hygienic and non-toxic

Gaobao Film

High-strength, Weather-resistant and Easy-to-recycle Mulch Film
  • Keep warm
  • More moisture content
  • More grass
  • Higher yield
  • Better economic benefits

ERE for Experimental Series

Provides a new experimental option for the optimization of polymeric processing technology.
  • Weak Shearing Force
  • Strong Elongational Force
  • Strong Conveying Capability
  • Homogeneous Mixing and Dispersion
  • Narrow Distribution of Residence Time
  • Effective Compulsory Compatibility by Physical Means

ERE Continuous Adhesive Production System

brought a major breakthrough in the production process of polymer waterproofing membrane industry
  • Greatly shortened product thermal history
  • Reduced intermediate steps
  • Reduced production environmental requirements
  • Increase consistency and stability in product quality, improve performance, and reduce costs

Food-grade Fully Biodegradable Composite Materials

Using Siiico Technology's ERE technology, it overcomes the shortcomings of poor processing performance and low strength of plant-based biodegradable composite materials, not only realizing the green recycling of coffee grounds resources, but also solving the problem of white pollution caused by primary plastic products. the dual pressures of resources and environmental protection.

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