About Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. Construction Project Completion Environmental Protection --- Independent Acceptance Announcement



The project acceptance team shall check and accept the project in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the technical specifications for environmental protection acceptance of the completion of the construction project, the environmental impact assessment report form of the project and the approval decision of the approval department. The acceptance team believes that relevant environmental protection measures have been implemented in accordance with the EIA and its approval requirements in the project implementation, and a corresponding environmental protection management system has been established.

The environmental protection acceptance status of the completion of this project is now publicized and public comments are solicited.

1. Date for comments: June 11, 2018 - July 11, 2018

2. During the period of soliciting opinions, the acceptance team will accept letters, visits and calls reflecting the environmental protection acceptance status and problems of the completed construction projects announced on June 11, 2018.

3. Contact information:

Tel: 0757-86765832

Mailing address: No. 18, Changjiang Road, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Postcode: 528200

4. Public content

Construction project name Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. construction project
Construction site  No. 18, Changjiang Road, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Construction unit  Siiico Technology Co., Ltd.
Nature of construction project (new construction, reconstruction and expansion, technological transformation)  New construction
Environmental impact report (form) approval authority, approval number and time Foshan Nanhai District Environmental Protection Bureau, May 30, 2016
Environmental impact report (table) preparation unit Foshan University


Environmental acceptance survey or monitoring unit
The actual total investment of the project (ten thousand yuan)


Environmental protection investment (ten thousand yuan)


Construction project start date September 2016
The date when the construction project is put into trial production (trial operation) January 31, 2018


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