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In order to further consolidate the consensus of creating a first-class business environment in Foshan, on July 27, 2021, the "Xiaoqiang Hotline" column of Foshan TV station will invite everyone to talk about the business environment in the series of reports on "business environment". The Foshan High-tech Industry Association participated in the discussion. As the chairman of Foshan High-tech Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Weiming, the chairman of our company, was invited to attend this symposium and expressed his views on the field of science and technology finance.


Talking about the business environment: high-tech enterprises focus on introducing talents, innovation drives high-quality development of industries


Zhang Weiming, Chairman of Siiico Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovation drives the high-quality development of the industry, but scientific and technological innovation from laboratory research to achievement transformation requires a large amount of R&D investment and a long cycle. Although ERE technology has been applied in many fields, the successful implementation of this technology is inseparable from the government's financial support in the early stage of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Zhang Weiming believes that there are many ways to bridge the gap between technological innovation and capital. It is suggested that the government can set up funds for various purposes to help companies overcome R&D risks, provide help for successfully transformed companies, and drive social effects. At the same time, I also hope that the government can listen to and refer to the opinions of industry business associations when formulating policies to benefit enterprises, so that more enterprises can enjoy the support and help of government policies.


Symposium scene

Fang Xin, general manager of China Resources Coatings, believes that companies and governments can think more from different perspectives and look at problems from each other's perspectives, so that it is easy to reach an agreement on goals. Wang Guosheng, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Prady Technology, believes that the government's conditions for attracting investment can be appropriately relaxed. Li Zhongyuan, director and vice president of Huigu Technology, and Zeng Xiaomei, deputy general manager of Yuandian Intelligence, said that the government and associations can hold more talent matchmaking meetings, and more perfect measures should be taken for people's livelihood fields such as education, medical care, and health care, and stable talents will settle down in Foshan. determination. Chen Weicheng, secretary general of the association, believes that a good scientific and technological innovation environment is the best background for continuous innovation activities. He hopes that the government will continue to provide support and help, and calls on enterprises and people from all walks of life to participate more in it, so that the Foshan High-tech Progress Award will become an innovative model in Foshan. The city's new business card.

To create a first-class business environment, in addition to various government departments, social organizations are also an important part. Each part is like a gear, interlocking, supporting and promoting each other. Government departments can listen to more voices from entrepreneurs and associations, and associations, as a bridge of communication between the government and enterprises, must ensure smooth two-way communication. While actively publicizing and implementing government policies to enterprises, extensively communicate and listen to enterprise demands, collect and organize timely feedback to the government, provide a rational and powerful basis for government policy formulation, and form "bringing in" - "promoting development" - "going out" for enterprises good development ecosystem.

——Foshan High-tech Association

Source of video material: "Xiaoqiang Hotline" by Foshan TV Station

Source: Foshan High-tech Association


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