Siiico Technology, together with Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology and Yangling Demonstration Zone, has created a new pattern for the promotion and development of Gaobao membrane



Jointly carry out research and promotion of high-value utilization technology for manufacturing and recycling of high barrier membranes.

Northwest College of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Revitalization

On December 10, 2022, Northwest Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Revitalization College and Siiico Technology Mulch Film Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of school enterprise cooperation exchange and strategic cooperation agreement. Cao Xicheng, the executive general manager of Siiico Technology Mulch Film Co., Ltd., and other college leaders such as Feng Yongzhong, the dean of the Rural Revitalization College of Northwest A&F University, Chen Zhimin, the vice dean, attended the signing ceremony.



Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology is a national "985" and "211" key construction university, one of the first batch of national "world-class universities and disciplines" construction list, and a key agricultural university in Yangling Demonstration Zone, the birthplace of Chinese agricultural civilization and a national agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone.

The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the establishment of an industry university research cooperation base, the implementation of the integration of industry and education, the coordinated development plan of schools and enterprises, the training of high-level specialized personnel for rural revitalization, scientific research cooperation and scientific and technological breakthrough in agricultural fields, agricultural achievements transformation and scientific and technological services, and the training of technical personnel for agricultural enterprises, and held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement, initially determining to build a the Belt and Road Gaobao membrane recycling agriculture promotion demonstration center in Yangling Demonstration Zone, The large-scale promotion of Gaobao membrane in cold and dry regions and Central Asian markets has laid a solid foundation for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises in the future.



At the signing ceremony, both parties reached a consensus that the technical level of Gaobao membrane and its broad prospects for innovative application in agricultural production are very suitable for promotion and development in Yangling Demonstration Zone. In the future, we will further confirm the details, implement the cooperation with local agricultural science groups in the future, jointly promote the manufacturing and recycling high-value utilization technology of "high-intensity, weather resistant and recyclable mulch film (Gaobao film)", create a recycling agricultural ecological model with regional influence, and provide reference, replication The model that can be popularized can help the green, sustainable and high-quality development of agriculture.


National Yangling Agricultural High tech Industry Demonstration Zone

In order to promote further cooperation, a delegation led by Li Jiguang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Industrial Investment Promotion Bureau of Yangling Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi Province, Zheng Yongli, Director of the Third Industry Division, and Meng Lin, Deputy Director, visited Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. on December 13. Chairman Zhang Weiming, General Manager Tan Chaohao, Executive Deputy General Manager Wang Rui of Siiico Technology Mulch Film Co., Ltd. and relevant responsible persons gave warm hospitality, accompanied them to visit the Xinglian Precision Quality Inspection Center and precision mold production workshop in the Xinglian system, and introduced in detail the manufacturing and recycling high-value utilization technology of "high-strength, weatherproof and recyclable mulching film (Gaobao film)" with independent intellectual property rights.


After understanding the performance advantages and application effects of "Gaobao Film", Li Jiguang, the director of the Bureau of Promotion, said that the outstanding performance of "highly recyclable" and "high value recyclable" Gaobao Film can effectively solve the harm of agricultural mulch film residues to agricultural production, food security and the ecological environment. It has broad prospects in the innovative application of agricultural production, and is worthy of large-scale promotion nationwide; Yangling Demonstration Zone, as the first national agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone, is a very suitable platform for the promotion and development of such new products and technologies.



Later, Director Li Jiguang introduced the three advantages of Yangling Demonstration Zone: it has a long history -- more than 4000 years ago, Hou Ji, the earliest agricultural official in Chinese history, "taught people to marry and cultivate, and cultivated grains" here, creating a precedent for Chinese agricultural civilization; Great influence - Yangling Demonstration Zone is a world-renowned "Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences", the first national agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone in China, a national team to develop modern agriculture under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the only free trade zone with distinctive agricultural characteristics in China, the first comprehensive bonded zone with agricultural industry as its characteristics, and the location of the SCO agricultural technology exchange and training demonstration base; There are many scientific researchers - Yangling Demonstration Zone has two agricultural universities, more than 70 provincial and ministerial level scientific research platforms and more than 7000 professional agricultural science and education talents, from which 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been recruited.
Yangling Demonstration Zone has the ability to help the rapid promotion of high value membrane manufacturing technology and recycling technology in the national agricultural science and technology field, and extend the Central Asian market.



Chairman Zhang Weiming and Director Li Jiguang had an in-depth discussion on how to develop the Gaobao film project. The two sides hoped to jointly promote rural revitalization, ensure food security and contribute to the development of China's agricultural modernization through cooperation.


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