2016 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (Düsseldorf, Germany, 2016.10.19-26)



Siiico Technology will participate in the 2016 K exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany (Booth No.: 8B/H11-13) on October 19-26, 2016. will debut on the international stage.

During the exhibition, Siiico Technology will exhibit the first generation of extensional rheological plasticizing extrusion equipment SRE-40, and conduct pure ultra-high molecular weight polymer Vinyl rod extrusion display.

Extensional Rheology Extrusion Equipment (ERE)

The extensional rheological plasticizing extrusion equipment has the characteristics of short thermomechanical history, low energy consumption for plasticization and transportation, good extrusion stability, less molecular weight drop, uniform mixing and dispersion, obvious self-orientation enhancement effect, and good material processing adaptability. .

The equipment can be applied to a wide range of materials, especially in the extrusion molding of ultra-high melt viscosity materials, polymer incompatible alloy modification, continuous rubber mixing and processing, and multi-phase inorganic material blending and extrusion. It has breakthrough advantages. The pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene extrusion molding exhibited at this exhibition will well demonstrate the excellent performance of the equipment.

For more information on extensional rheological plasticizing extrusion technology and equipment, please visit our booth or email (info@siiico.com.cn) or telephone (0757-8181 0791) to make an appointment.

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