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The 2023 National Polymer Academic Paper Conference, which is the most important, large-scale, and influential event in the domestic polymer industry, will be held from October 13th to 17th at the China Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center. Guangdong Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd. will make an appearance at booth D06 in Hall A2, We showcase the ERE stretching rheological extrusion equipment series products developed and manufactured based on the "Stretching Rheology Based Polymer Material Plasticization and Transportation Method and Equipment" (referred to as ERE Technology), providing new polymer material processing solutions for technology, education, industry workers, and young students engaged in research and development in the field of polymer materials.


-Product Introduction-


ERE Special Extruder for Stretch Rheological Modified Materials
·Adopting ERE dual rotor structure, dominated by tensile stress field.
·Multiple functional rotor components with wide process adaptability, with characteristics such as forced compatibilization and good molecular chain retention.
·Strong transportation and plasticization ability, good mixing and dispersion effect, suitable for various material systems and a wide viscosity range.
·The extrusion system adopts a modular structure, which can quickly disassemble and assemble the cylinder and rotor components according to process requirements.
·It can match functions such as multiphase and multi-component feeding, inert gas protection, and devolatilization exhaust.
·Equipped with a fully automatic batching system to ensure accurate measurement and feeding of each component, meeting the slurry production process of the suspension system.


Micro tensile rheological experimental platform
Micro melt spinning experimental platform

·Adopting a stretched rotor structure, replacing the rotor can achieve meshing in different directions.
·By adopting the principle of positive displacement conveying and adjusting the number of cycles of materials in the mold cavity, precise control of residence time can be achieved.
·The circulating bypass flow channel adopts a slit structure and is equipped with high-precision pressure sensors to monitor pressure in real-time and characterize material fluidity.
·By changing the direction of material flow, continuous extrusion can be achieved.
·Suitable for application fields such as synthetic resins, fine chemicals, modified materials, and drug development, rapid process experiments and sample preparation can be achieved with only trace amounts of materials.
·Suitable for high-value material testing and batch formula validation. Different auxiliary machines can be configured to prepare test samples such as spinning, granulation, sheet materials, injection molding samples, etc.
·Support PC and touch screen dual system operation, and the PC can automatically store experimental data for recording and analysis.

·The melt spinning experimental platform integrates a winding and unwinding device, active and passive draft rollers, a constant temperature stretching hot oven, and a wire arrangement mechanism.
·On the same platform, both online and offline processes are implemented to meet multiple and ultra high drafting requirements.
·The process parameters are rich, covering draft speed, draft ratio, draft tension, draft temperature, etc.
·It can achieve processes such as constant rate draft, constant tension draft, negative rate draft, spinning annealing, etc.
·Touch screen operation, and can store and export experimental data on the PC.


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene product production line

·The ERE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene extruder adopts a dedicated rotor structure, which can achieve efficient and high-performance extrusion of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products.
·The special extrusion mold for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, with optimized flow channels through CFD simulation, meets the requirements of high-speed and high-quality extrusion, and has stable forming dimensions.
·The ERE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene extruder can match various production lines such as pipes, bars, plates, films, sheets, and profiles according to the product molding specifications.
·By configuring different auxiliary machines, various products such as pipes, bars, plates, films, sheets, profiles, and raw silk can be extruded and processed.
·Provide an overall solution for the processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, including a complete set of production lines for co extrusion and multi material system extrusion.


 Equipment technical advantages 

Dominant tensile deformation
It can effectively maintain the molecular weight of polymer materials to fully utilize their own properties.
Strong transportation and plasticization ability
It can establish high extrusion pressure and ensure stable high-speed extrusion.
Strong mixing and dispersion ability
Special hybrid structures can be used to improve the performance of composite materials.



-Conference Information-


The National Polymer Academic Paper Series Report Conference began in 1954, and the biennial National Report Conference has become one of the most important academic conferences in the domestic polymer science community. This conference is jointly hosted by the Polymer Discipline Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and hosted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
The conference will focus on the important role of polymer technology in the new era of national economy and society, and showcase the research achievements and development trends in the field of polymer science and materials in China in recent years. It will provide a broad academic and technological exchange platform for science and technology, education, industry workers, and young students engaged in research and development in this field.

Booth number: Hall A2 D06

Exhibition time
October 13-17, 2023

Exhibition location
China Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center



ERE is a globally pioneering technology and a platform technology that is closely related to the upstream and downstream industries related to polymer materials. With the continuous development of the new ERE plasticization and transportation technology, it is bound to usher in a new era of polymer material processing and application. We hope to meet you at this grand event in the Chinese polymer industry. We look forward to your arrival at booth D06 in Hall A2 of the China Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center!


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