Star of Industry and Technology | Siiico Technology: Increase the production capacity of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products by more than 10 times



"The most important weapon of the country, independent innovation!" The "China International Industry Fair", which is the benchmark for the "Hanover Industrial Expo in Germany", opened today. Siiico Technology Co., Ltd., together with South China University of Technology, has produced UHMWPE products in a short process and efficiently. The technical project stood out from more than 400 participating exhibits and won the "CIIF Award"!

At the beginning of the popular movie "Amazing, My Country", there is a scene where the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is hoisting the dragon. It can lift 6000 tons of immersed tubes! This high-strength fiber material that can replace steel cables is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is known as "magic plastic".

Speaking of this "magic plastic", ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has unparalleled performance advantages: ultra-high wear resistance, 4-7 times higher than steel pipes when transporting various ores and cinders, greatly improving pipeline performance. It has a very low friction coefficient (0.05~0.11), and has excellent self-lubricating properties. It can be used in food processing, beverage canning, pharmaceutical and other production lines to prevent pollution caused by the use of lubricating grease; no adhesion, no scaling , the flow resistance is very small, and the flow rate and flow rate can be maintained for a long time; the impact strength is 2 times that of impact-resistant PC and 10 times that of nylon 66, and can be made into body armor after being processed into fibers; UHMWPE is almost unchanged after soaking in 80 kinds of organic solvents for one month... As a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive properties, UHMWPE has become the well-deserved "king of plastics" .


However, this "magic plastic" is both love and hate, because its molecular weight is 10 to 100 times that of commonly used polymer materials, making it very difficult to process, and the production efficiency is so low that people almost feel uncomfortable on the production line. Less than product is being produced! Moreover, the destruction of ultra-high molecular weight by traditional processing methods makes the performance worse and the defects increase, which seriously restricts the large-scale, especially industrial and civil applications. The efficient and high-performance manufacturing of UHMWPE products has always been a worldwide problem.

However, the bottleneck that is difficult to break through in this industry will be overcome. A new technology for short-process and high-efficiency processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products unveiled at the 22nd Industrial Fair is supported by the National Key R&D Program, led by the National Engineering Research Center for New Polymer Molding Equipment of South China University of Technology, Guangdong Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd. has carried out industrialization and promotion and application, and replaced the traditional screw processing method based on shear rheology with the internationally pioneered eccentric rotor processing method based on extensional rheology. Efficient production is possible. At present, Guangdong Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd. has produced a series of production lines using this technology. For example, in the production of Φ65 pipes, the traditional technology can only achieve 4 meters per hour, and the new technology can achieve more than 40 meters per hour, which reduces the cost of product inventory and capital occupation. In terms of melt drawing, the traditional high-strength ultra-high fiber adopts the gel spinning process. The fiber production process requires a large amount of (more than 90%) solvent, resulting in low production efficiency and high pressure on post-processing environmental protection. Using the characteristics of ERE equipment, It can manufacture high denier fibers by melting wire drawing process, which can meet the requirements of industry and civil use.



Zhang Weiming, chairman of Siiico Technology, shared with us a short story of a customer: "A customer brought his own imported raw materials with a molecular weight of 8.5 million for testing. Looking at the products on the production line, he couldn't believe his eyes! He said I have never seen UHMWPE processed at such a speed! When he placed an order, he asked if we could ship it in a month, and I confidently told him that it won't take that long, we can do it in a week! And the finished product The performance will be even better!" This confidence comes from the disruptive changes brought by ERE technology in the field of polymer material processing, which can process materials with extreme rheological behavior, and can process materials that are difficult to mix and disperse. In the development of extrusion technology It is a milestone in history, marking the first time that my country has been at the forefront of the world in terms of polymer material processing technology!



At present, the research team is working on the nationwide promotion and application of this technology. By cooperating with domestic industry leading companies, it can meet the urgent needs of upstream raw material research and development and large-scale application of downstream products, realize large-scale mass production applications, and drive the entire industry chain. leapfrog development. In the future, this "high-end" magic plastic" will be able to enter the industrial and civilian fields at a price that is "close to the people", bringing more breakthroughs to China's high-quality development.

In this industry fair, the short-process and high-efficiency manufacturing technology of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products was officially unveiled, which truly broke through the technical bottleneck of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene related industries, realized "Made in China", and showed my country's polymer materials to the world. The level of development of advanced manufacturing. In the future, I look forward to cooperating with more leading enterprises with application needs to jointly promote and develop ERE technology achievements, and push my country's polymer material processing industry to a new height!

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