Leaders from Jizhou District, Hengshui City, Hebei Province Visited Siiico Technology for Inspection and Exchange



On April 8th, Zhang Chaohui, Deputy Secretary of the Jizhou District Committee of Hengshui City, Hebei Province, Tian Jianqiang, Political Commissar of the Public Security Bureau, Song Yi, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Office of Hengshui City Government, and Chen Chuncheng, General Manager of Jizhou District Agricultural Investment Company, visited Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. for inspection and exchange. Cao Xicheng, Executive General Manager of Xinglian Technology's Agricultural Film, and Li Yunbiao, Vice President of Shenzhen Research Institute of Western Agricultural University, received the reception.



After understanding the performance advantages and application effects of the manufacturing and recycling high-value utilization technology of "high-strength, weather resistant, and easily recyclable plastic film (Gaobao film)", both parties conducted in-depth exchanges on how to promote the operation of the high barrier film and circular industry chain project in the local area based on the use and recycling situation of agricultural film in Hengshui City.



After the meeting, led by Executive General Manager Cao Xicheng, everyone visited the XL Precision Testing Center and mold exhibition hall in the XL system.



Jizhou District, Hengshui City, is located in the southeast of Hebei Province and is a national grain production base county and the hometown of chili peppers in China. There are currently 847000 mu of arable land, including 363000 mu of high standard farmland, which is rich in agricultural products such as wheat, corn, cotton, fruits, vegetables, and traditional Chinese medicine.


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