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    The economy is gradually recovering, and opportunities and challenges coexist. On March 2, 2023, the 29th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino Pack 2023) with the theme of "Intelligence, Innovation, and Sustainability" officially opened in Zone B of the China Import and Export Commodity Trading Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou. Guangdong Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes you to booth 10.1A17 with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products (UHMWPE products) that have achieved efficient and high-performance extrusion. We look forward to our high-quality UHMWPE products bringing you a comprehensive upgrade in quality and performance!


Exhibition time

March 2nd to March 4th, 2023

Booth number



With the easing and relaxation of the epidemic, this year's Sino Pack 2023 has attracted many foreign friends to participate. Xinglian Technology uses ERE extrusion equipment to efficiently and high-performance process UHMWPE products, which have high surface glossiness, good self lubrication, excellent wear resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. When used in food and beverage packaging and transportation lines, it can prevent packaging damage and scratches, reduce accessory wear, reduce noise and energy consumption costs, and meet its efficient and energy-saving needs. It has attracted many professional visitors from home and abroad to watch and negotiate.


UHMWPE is known in Europe and America as an "amazing plastic" with extremely high comprehensive properties. However, due to its defects such as long molecular chains, high viscosity, and poor flowability, this material is not only difficult to process, but also has low productivity, seriously restricting its large-scale industrial and civilian applications.

Siiico Technology has developed an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene extrusion equipment using ERE technology, which has won the Chinese invention patent gold award. It has technical advantages such as leading tensile deformation, strong transport and plasticization ability, and strong mixing and dispersion ability. It can effectively maintain the molecular weight of UHMWPE and fully utilize its own advantageous performance.



Exhibition Introduction



Looking forward to working with you in the new year who have a demand for quality and performance. We will use high-quality UHMWPE products to help you seize the opportunity in the new layout of the packaging industry!





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