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Food-grade Fully Biodegradable Composite Materials


On World Earth Day on April 22, 2021, “Starbucks” officially launched a fully biodegradable straw made from coffee grounds——slag straws, more than 850 stores in Shanghai took the lead in supplying, within the year It is planned to gradually cover stores nationwide. When hipsters are drinking coffee with this colorful and fragrant "slag tube", do you know where it comes from?

The research and development technology and exclusive raw material supply of this "slag pipe" comes from Siiico Technology Co., Ltd. in Foshan. The straw made of this raw material can be degraded by 90% within 4 months, which is higher than domestic and foreign regulations. The required 6-month standard; at the same time, because of the tougher material, the "slag tube" will not become soft after soaking for a long time, more resistant to stirring, and not easy to stick to the mouth, and sucking large fruit particles is more smooth, and it is listed on the market. It got rave reviews.



In 2021, the "plastic restriction order", which is known as the strictest "plastic restriction order" in my country's history, will officially take effect, and the use of disposable straws in the catering industry such as coffee will be completely banned by the country; Because of other reasons, it has been widely complained on the Internet; as a unique beverage, the world consumes no less than 10 million tons of coffee every year, and the recycling of coffee grounds has also become an urgent problem to be solved. As a global enterprise that has been committed to "being good to the earth", Starbucks hopes to cooperate with Siiico Technology to use ERE technology to research and develop coffee grounds materials, turn waste into treasure, and use the simplest formula to make the best food grade. Degradable product.



The seemingly simple demand actually has great technical difficulties: the traditional processing technology adopts shear rheological technology, which will make the performance of fully biodegradable materials with weaker strength even more degraded, and it is difficult to make qualified products; Because coffee grounds are in a powdery and dispersed state, they are easy to agglomerate, and it is difficult to solve the problem of uneven performance with traditional processing techniques, resulting in easy cracking of straws. However, the "ERE" technology has great advantages: weak shear, which can maximize the original performance of the coffee grounds composite material; strong mixing and dispersing ability, which can solve the problem of uneven performance caused by agglomeration of coffee grounds ;Because the processing technology itself can solve the performance defects of fully biodegradable materials, no need to add more additives, so the material composition is purer and safer, which satisfies Starbucks' hope to "make the most with the simplest formula". A good product" needs to be demanded.




“plastic restriction order” and coffee grounds, These seemingly unrelated two, using "ERE" technology to play "turning waste into treasure"! "Food-grade Fully Biodegradable Composite Materials" overcomes the shortcomings of plant-based biodegradable composite materials such as poor processing performance and low strength. It not only realizes the green recycling of coffee grounds resources, but also solves the problems caused by primary plastic products. The problem of white pollution solves the dual pressure of resources and environmental protection.

Sweet straws, one shot with a strong coffee aroma Sexual drink tableware will follow in the footsteps of Starbucks to come to thousands of you who love coffee. Siiico technology food-grade biodegradable coffee grounds composite material will accompany you: love the earth!

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